Hostinger Review As Per Our Personal Experience After Use

As I said, This hostinger hosting review is based on personal experience, and I am writing this review after using more than a year. I will cover all the essential points which you should know about cloud hosting.
What I am going to cover in this comprehensive review of hostinger

 1. Who should buy cloud hosting?
 2. Pros and Cons of Hostinger Cloud Hosting
 3. 12 Reasons To buy cloud hosting?
 4. Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting
 5. 13 Major Benefits of Cloud Hosting.
 6. How much traffic hostinger cloud hosting can handle at a time?
 7. Server locations of Hostinger hosting providers
 8. Hostinger cloud hosting pricing Details.
 9. Where are Hostinger Global Data Centers?
 10. How hostinger cloud hosting cpanel looks like?
 11. How is the support service of Hostinger?
 12. Hostinger cloud hosting ratings
 13. Conclusion

Let me start with who should use cloud Hosting?

Who should buy cloud hosting?

1. The main technique of this hosting is divide and rule. As they distribute the load of one server to the others by default making it easier to manage the sites. Hence it should be bought by website owners who are receiving a high amount of traffic. The traffic spikes that slow down their sites and are looking for something that’s flexible.

2. If you want to host a community website or a social media website then you should buy cloud hosting without experiencing any delay.

3. It is a great choice for organizations that need to have close to perfect uptime.

4. It is for popular sites and blogs that require facilities such as unlimited storage and more availability.

5. It is excellent for those who want to do more online promotions, bring more traffic to their sites, and be more visible online.

6. It is also a great choice for sites with great marketing and for ones having the goal to make their website a successful one. You can power and grow your business with cloud hosting with absolutely no hazards.

Pros and Cons of Hostinger Cloud Hosting

These pros and cons have been filtered by upon personal experience.

Pros Of Hostinger Cloud Hosting

1. If you want your website to be successful, then you wish it to work fast too. Nobody wants to wait for what they want and if they have to wait they will exit from the site and you will lose visitors. So if you really want to be fast then you can opt for Hostinger cloud hosting, it's one of the fastest.

2. It gives you 99.9% of uptime guarantee and takes full care of your server’s uptime.

3. You are allowed to customize your website, make it look professional, and function properly after you launch it.

4. As per the Hostinger cloud hosting review and online surveys, it says that they have excellent customer service and tech support teams which is also a benefit for the users.

5. You also get a free domain name that you can use for your website when you use Hostinger for hosting one.

6. To meet the needs of your current website you will be able to scale your hosting plans with Hostinger.

7. You are allowed to customize your website, make it look professional, and function properly after you launch it.

8. Hostinger also provides a 30-day refund policy only if you remain unsatisfied with their service.

Cons Of Hostinger Cloud Hosting

1. There are no daily backups.

2. The modern-looking c-panels can be a bit confusing to some of the users.

3. Security can be a risk but if you handle the technical part carefully, then the risk of cloud hosting is minimal.

3. Since you have your hosting infrastructure in the cloud, your access to your data totally depends on internet access.

12 Reasons To buy cloud hosting?

We have been talking about cloud hosting but the main question arising in your mind could be why should you buy it. Through this Hostinger cloud hosting review until now, you have got a rough idea of why we should opt for cloud hosting. But for more knowledge I have also brought you some pointers, so let’s take a look.

1. It would be best if you chose cloud hosting as it provides better uptime and high availability.

2. No chances are there for a website crash. For a sudden load at the server, it will immediately allocate necessary resources to manage the crash

3. Its enhanced tech flexibility has been a major reason behind people choosing cloud hosting services over anything else.

4. If you are looking for a hosting migration, you can easily do it with any Hostinger Cloud platform.

5. It is generally cheaper than bearing the expenses of maintenance of your own physical server.

6. It is reliable.

7. One can easily add/scale-up resources as in when the requirement comes in. You'll be charged extra for each extra usage.

8. You can manually take the backup after every one hour, whenever you feel it is necessary. Apart from that, for higher plans, you'll get automatic hourly backups by the hosting service provider.

9. Using cloud hosting you will never lack system resources and your website will never have bandwidth related issues.

10. If you are planning to host a community site or a social media site, you should choose cloud hosting to handle a good volume of traffic and almost 100% uptime.

11. The speed provided by hostinger cloud hosting is lightning-fast.

12. The support system of Hostinger will never want you to quit using Hostinger cloud hosting. Through various hostinger cloud hosting reviews and surveys online, it's visible that people who have been using Hostinger cloud hosting are all impressed by its support system. The excellent customer service that guides you if you have any problem with your site.

Most of the newbies think that Cloud hosting and Dedicated are similar or same, but it no were related, Before you Buy Cloud Hosting from any of the cloud hosting provider you must know the difference about cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud Hosting

1. The plans of cloud hosting come with scalable server resource allocation in the cloud environment based on the requirements.

2. Higher levels of web traffic support in real-time. It can automatically manage the traffic spike. Even one among the server is down.

3. Cloud hosting administers more RAM, CPU cores, and I/O processes. You can scale your server configuration as per your need.

Dedicated Hosting

1. A dedicated server hosting has fixed allocation of RAM, CPU, and SSD/HD storage, which is unshared between any other websites.

2. No security issues. All the confidential data are stored in the CPU which isn't shared on any platform or anywhere else.

3. When you are already getting a high traffic, then it is time to look for a dedicated server hosting where you can scale-up the resources whenever it's needed.

13 Major Benefits of Cloud Hosting.

To use cloud hosting from any of the hosting providers you should be aware of its benefits. Let's check them out.

1. As mentioned before, it administers more RAM, CPU cores, and I/O processes.

2. It is very flexible and is definitely faster.

3. It has maximum network uptime and guarantees you failure at no single point.

4. Use and manage your servers like pre-creating a solid online presence using a simple control panel with all the essential features.

5. It is fully managed as the Hostinger itself provides care of your server uptime, and also provides maintenance and monitoring.

6. As the system has interconnected servers, if one server fails to take your request then the other server takes the workload automatically.

7. Better scalability, along with better performance.

8. Onsite hardware or capital expenses are not required

9. It provides the use of multiple servers in order to complete the demand of the site.

10. It also provides quick migration of sites.

11. Maintenance, repairs, or inventory costs of IT infrastructure is also cheap with a cloud service provider.

12. You can manually add any number of resources that are available on the cloud, whenever there's a requirement. When the need is over, you can again turn them off with a single click! Yes, you will be charged some extra amount at the end of the month for extra usage of resources. But that's totally understandable.

13. A number of cloud platforms also provide autoscaling.

How much traffic hostinger cloud hosting can handle at a time?

You are now aware of the facts that why you should buy cloud hosting but again you are eager to know how much traffic cloud hosting can handle at a time.

First of all, you should know that it has superb speed which has decreased the website loading time and has made visitors happy.

Also, it has a 24x7 dedicated support system with monitors. For the purpose of load balancing, cloud virtual machines can be configured.

It uses the load balancing system where one server becomes the load balancer, which distributes the traffic received between other servers, making one single server free of loads.

It all depends on how strong configuration you have taken as per the RAM, and Cores the traffic volume can vary for cloud hosting.

If you have taken Cloud Baby Hosting plan (Cloud Startup) at Hostinger then it can handle up to 30,000 unique visitors per day.

If you have taken Cloud Professional Hosting plan at Hostinger then it can handle up to 50,000 unique visitors per day.

If you have taken Cloud Global Hosting plan at Hostinger then it can handle up to 1,00,000 unique visitors per day.

Server locations of Hostinger hosting providers

Server location of hosting providers matter for us.

Let me tell you why?

Suppose you have a blog and you are driving traffic from the USA but your server is somewhere in ASIA, in that case your site will load slow in comparison of if your server is in the USA.

So you must check where are the servers located of hostinger or any other hosting provider.

Hostingers servers located in the Europe, Asia, and USA. All of those servers are connected to a high speed connection lines which is 1000 Mbps to give you the best service with maximum stability and performance.

Hostinger cloud hosting pricing Details

Hostinger cloud hosting pricing

Where are Hostinger Global Data Centers?

Hostinger servers are deployed in 7 different regions Brazil, UK, Netherlands, US, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania (about to deploy soon). With these many data centers, you will get the lowest latency and high-reliability Hostinger is globally connected with Tier-3 datacenters.

How hostinger cloud hosting Cpanel looks like?

Actually, hostinger don't have anything called Cpanel for cloud, Hostiger provides hpanel if you buy hostinger cloud hosting.

In the below image, you can have a quick view of the hpanel(cpanel) of hostinger.
Overall, Hostinger provides all the essential tools along with the cloud hosting plan.
Either you buy the base plan or the pro plan of hostinger, you will be getting the same hpanel.


How is the support service of Hostinger?

Hostinger provides all the support channels. You can contact via

You can trouble the hostinger support team at any point of time 24*7*365. You can even send mail( to them from any query or clarification before joining the hostinger hosting provider.

Hostinger cloud hosting ratings.

Below you can see a few screen-shots to get the rating details. These rating details may help you to make a proper decision before you buy hostinger cloud hosting.



Let me conclude the entire article in a few links. Don't just buy a cloud hosting because people are saying its good. Think about your requirement, your future plan, if require then only go for it.

If your website is heavy, you should go for it, in other cases, like you are expecting high traffic in the future, then you should use cloud hosting of hostinger or any other.

If you are a newbie with basic knowledge about blogging, then you can happily go for it to gain experience and, of course, if you can afford it.

If you are intermediate or pro blogger, I strongly recommend you to go for cloud hosting with better plans.

Hostinger provides one of the cheapest cloud hosting plans which can be affordable by anyone for cloud hosting.

Speed-wise it works well, support wise I can give 7 out of 10 points.

Overall it's good you can try if you really need and afford it.