Reseller Club Cloud Hosting Review - Get 35% OFF Coupon

Are you getting enough traffic to your website?
Is your site ranking properly on the target keywords?
Are you getting potential customers for your business through the website?
Well, all that partly depends upon the hosting plan you choose. It's high time that you keep struggling for the desired results, and so is the matter of our discussion today Reseller Club Cloud Hosting Review!

Table Of Content

 1. Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Hosting.
 2. Pros and Cons of Reseller Club Cloud Hosting.
 3. Should you buy a cloud hosting for ResellerClub Or not?
 4. Speed provided by Reseller club cloud hosting.
 5. Cloud hosting Load balancing.
 6. How much Reseller club cloud hosting traffic can handle at a time?
 7. Server locations of Reseller Club hosting providers.
 8. The support system of Reseller club.
 9. Conclusion

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Before we start, let's understand what is cloud hosting and what is VPS hosting.
Many beginners think that both are same or VPS is better than the cloud, but none of them is totally correct.

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud servers are the normal servers connected in a network, they can be accessed through any devices that are connected to the web. These servers are highly customizable.

You can add/remove/modify any resources based upon the need. Ohh yes! You will be charged accordingly by the end of the month.

Like the VPS hosting, even a cloud server accesses the main server through the SAN (Storage Area Network), forming a cluster of separate servers situated in the cloud.

There's no specific server location that exists for cloud hosting.

It's completely located online-you get the same performance irrespective of the location the load is coming from.

VPS Hosting

VPS server or the Virtual Private Servers are the dedicated servers allotted to serve your website separately, having the individual OS, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, storage space, etc.

They are the individual parts of a bigger server who group together and serve different websites.

These servers act as dedicated servers for the sites they serve, but with a much cheaper cost than that of the dedicated server.

As they are segmented, separated from each other, if there's any virus attack or crash takes place in one segment- it won't affect the other.

Pros and Cons of Reseller Club Cloud Hosting

When we discuss the merits of Reseller Club Cloud Hosting, then the demerits are almost negligible. That is the reason the hosting provider has become one of the most favorites in the industry. Let us find out the pros and cons of this Reseller Club Cloud Hosting review.


1. At Reseller Club cloud, you will expect a server up-time for 24/7x365, a 99% up-time guarantee will be given

2. As it's a cloud-based hosting environment, you can choose any server/data center location. It's like a centralized data center that can be connected and accessed seamlessly from any part of the world with the same performance.

3. You'll get 24/7 proactive technical support, in case of any technical hazards, it's likely to be taken care of immediately.

4. When it's a cloud environment, you can select resources according to the situation and requirements. It doesn't matter how much ever traffic comes to your site. It can handle it by itself through increasing bandwidth, RAM, storage, etc. so that you can focus more on the business, the real part of your company, while Reseller Club will handle the technical issues.

5. Good news for first-time buyers! You'll get a 30-days money-back guarantee with Reseller Club Cloud Hosting. During this period, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can opt-out from it with the full amount being refunded!


1. Reseller Club's phone support is not as impressive as their email support.

2. They say that cloud hosting performs the same irrespective of the server location. But in reality, it doesn't- the server located near to your traffic base gives slightly better performance in terms of page-loading speed, site speed, etc. than that of the server located somewhere far.

Should you buy a cloud hosting for ResellerClub Or not?

Website making for your business is mandatory nowadays, which not only represents/ promotes your business but also you can earn a good income from your website.

Some people have been earning handsomely through their blogs/websites. But unfortunately, when anyone creates his/her first website, the person is likely to choose a wrong hosting plan or a hosting provider.

This will matter in a later stage where instead of making money from your website, it will become a burden to the website owner! Right there, the need was to write this review on Reseller Club Cloud Hosting.

It's one of the best hostings at a very cheap rate. You can completely rely on the features it offers to you.

Speed provided by Reseller club cloud Hosting

It's a premium hosting provider, which is a branded one.

So when it comes to the page loading speed of your website, it guarantees you a lightning speed which makes you rank on the SERP results.

Website loading speed is one of the main criteria for search engine optimization. When your site is slowly responding, the traffic will move on to another website- and it will reflect on the search engine ranking.

As the provider says, your site will load at a blazing speed that you won't require to build any AMP pages, but make sure not to upload images with very high resolution, and too much of CSS or JavaScript coding into your webpages.

Cloud hosting Load balancing.

 reseller club cloud traffic load

As you choose a cloud hosting plan, the load balancing ability will be automatically integrated with the environment.

Depending on the overall performance of the website and the amount of traffic it receives, the load will be balanced without any human interference.

Still, if there is a pre-assumption of sudden traffic, you can manually reset the load and be sure of the site performance when huge traffic suddenly comes in.

And yes, you'll be charged an extra amount accordingly, at the end of the month.

How much Reseller club cloud hosting traffic can handle at a time?

It always depends on the plan which you are using.

Reseller Club Cloud Hosting has three types of plans, such as personal plan, business plan, and pro plan.

In personal plans, you can host only one website, whereas, in business and pro plans, you can host unlimited websites with unmetered bandwidth.

This "unmetered bandwidth" means it can handle any amount of traffic. But depending upon the traffic your website receives, you'll be charged per month. You don't need to think about server crashes or load balancing, etc.

Reseller Club Cloud will all be taken care of, as cloud hosting is a self-healing, stretchable hosting that acts according to the requirements.

But for a basic Reseller Club Cloud Hosting plan, offering handling 25000+ traffic please refer to the link for the same.

Server locations of Reseller Club hosting providers.

The server must be located as near as possible to the location from where you receive the most of the traffic.

The near the server is, the faster the page loading speed. The study says that if the site loading speed is more than three seconds, you lose around 50% of your traffic.

It will also harm the search engine rankings, and you lose customers. To find the solution to this, many web hosting service providers offer CDN features, where irrespective of the server location, your site loads at the same speed at any point in time.

Maintaining the same, Reseller Club Cloud Hosting has its main servers in the UK, US, Hong Kong, and India, while it also offers CDN servers in association with Cloudflare.

The support system of Reseller club?

reseller club support

Reseller Club Hosting is known for its quality service and technical assistance provided by the technical/ customer support team. You can contact reseller club support team in many waysm, as shown in the above image. Visit this link to know more about the reseller club support system.


Reseller club is one of the cheap and best cloud hosting providers. If you are planning to buy, you can go for this.

Support wise I can give 7 out of 10 because sometimes the hold time is more than usual.
Cloud hosting is costly, but renewing is more costly, and reseller club charge the same amount even after 2 or 3 years if you want to renew your cloud hosting plan.
At the same time, if you buy a cloud hosting from another hosting provider you need to more while renewing.
Overall it is good to start as per my personal opinion. I hope this analysis on the reseller club cloud hosting review was useful for you.